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What To Bring

Summer around the bay area doesn't always mean sunny weather. In case the fog rolls in, make sure to pack a backpack with some warm dry clothes: hooded sweatshirt, pants, beanie. We will be surfing different beaches, which means there might not always be a place to buy food so a packed lunch will be the best option. It’s also important to pack a decent sized water bottle to keep your camper hydrated. Ice cream stops have been known to happen so let us know of any allergies or specific dietary needs your camper may have. Sending your camper with cash is not necessary. We will provide the boards and wetsuits for each camper but nothing's better than your own wettie and stick, so bring 'em if you got ‘em. For safety reasons, we can't accept hard tops in our line-up so if you aren’t sure about your board, shoot us an email or ask a Coach in the morning during sign-in. We also suggest marking your personal wetsuit with a ribbon or distinct feature so it doesn’t get mixed up with the camp suits. For this reason, we also suggest bringing a bag of some sort (dry bag, wetsuit bag, garbage bag, etc.) so campers can keep track of and easily transport their own suits.

Wearing wetsuit booties is a preference. If booties are preferred by the camper, we suggest popping into the Proof Lab before your camper joins us. The surf shop is not open until after our camp does check-in and heads to the beach. Once there, you will want to have Nate set you up with a pair. Just say the Big Dog sent you.

Sunscreen will be available, but it doesn't hurt to lather up your little grommet in the morning just to be sure.

Quick Check List

  • Packed Lunch
  • Warm Clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
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